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Какие правильные ответы? английский язык

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Read the dialogue and answer the questions
Steve: How long are you staying in London?
Anna: I’m going to stay for a fortnight and then I’m going to visit my relatives in Wales. They don’t live in London any more. I will spend a few days with them.
Steve: Are you coming back to London after that?
Anna: Yes, I’ll be back for a few days before I catch my plane home to Italy. I hope that the weather will be good by then.
Steve: I’m sure it will be warm and sunny. Could we meet before you fly home?
Anna: Yes, I’d love to. We can have lunch together. Steve: Okay, do you remember the café where we were last year?
Anna: Of course, I do. Steve: Let’s meet there at five o’clock. Good-bye!
Anna: See you.

6. Where do Anna’s relatives live? They live in … .

A) Wales
B) London
C) England
D) Italy

7. How many days is Anna going to spend in London before leaving for Wales?

A) A week
B) Two weeks
C) One day
D) A few days

8. Where does Anna live now? She lives in … .

A) Northern America
B) Australia
C) Southern Europe
D) Russia

9. What will Anna and Steve do when they meet? They will … .

A) go to the cinema
B) walk around London
C) eat at the café
D) go to the museum

10. When did Anna and Steve meet in London before?

A) At 5 o’clock
B) Next year
C) Yesterday
D) Last time

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